A few days ago, I hurt my shoulder really badly playing basketball. I over-extended my right arm, trying to steal the ball from someone and felt two pops in my shoulder. Immediately afterward, I could not lift my right arm at all. I knew it was super bad and went home immediately.

I became really concerned that I might have completely torn one of the ligaments in my rotator cuff, which would mean surgery was a real possibility. It was scary… That would mean a recovery time of about a year!!

I was also in a lot of pain and could barely move around, because any time my right arm moved at all, I felt shooting pain. I couldn’t really sleep the first two nights and had to take some Advil (something I almost never do). I just could not get comfortable and barely got any sleep at all.

The next day, I decided to start a video series to chronicle my own recovery. I’m still not sure if I have a full tear or a partial tear in one of the ligaments. I would have to get an MRI for that. But, I also know that if it’s a partial tear, I should start to see improvements pretty quickly. And, if it’s a partial tear, then I should be able to rehab it back to full health.

So, I’m putting my own program, Malin Method, to the test. I’m going to release a new video every few days, chronicling my own recovery from a pretty bad shoulder injury. Depending on the size of the tear, most people heal within about 8-12 weeks. But, I want to see how much faster and better I can heal with Malin Method. So, I’m putting my own method on the line to see how it works in my own recovery.

In the past, I’ve used Malin Method for my ankle, low back and a little bit for my knee, but never had a serious shoulder injury like this… As I go through the process, I am going to share lots of secret insights as I will be literally healing as I’m speaking.

Last thought… Assuming I can get through this without the need for surgery, I am grateful that I can share my experience in order to help lots of others people in their recovery too.