Of all the Malin Method systems, I have the most personal connection to the low back, which was designed to completely heal and stop lower back pain. Like all things, we learn the most from personal experience…

About fifteen years ago, I had my own serious low back injury (specifically, lower right back pain) that left me completely debilitated. It turned into chronic low back pain that I could not get rid of, no matter what I tried. I was laid up in bed for six months.

I was in pain all day and night and basically lost all hope that I would be able to get back to basketball, the sport I loved… Instead, I just laid in bed, taking pain medications, in total misery and deeply depressed.

Then, one day, I decided to try and figure out what happened. It seemed absurd that a healthy, young guy like me would just be stuck with a bad back for the rest of his life. And I didn’t want to do surgery. I rejected the idea that surgery was the only way I could heal myself.


Heal Lower Right Back Pain Fast at Home

So, I started doing a lot of research on the body and discovered something quite amazing, but also very simple… The muscles in my back were out of whack and that was putting pressure on my spine. And the reason they were out of whack was because I spend too much time sitting, which was negatively affecting my posture.

I had something called Kyphotic posture, which meant that my butt was tucking under my hips, giving me a very flat back. And that was forcing the vertebrae in my spine too close together, which was squeezing the delicate nerves and discs on the right side, which was why I had right lower back pain  (the pain actually radiated all the way down my right leg, which is called sciatica).

My theory was that if I reversed those muscle imbalances and was able to naturally create more space in the vertebrae of my lower back, theoretically, the pain should finally go away.

So, I set about designing a program for myself that would lengthen the muscles that were tight and strengthen the muscles that were weak. It was comprised of just a few simple exercises and stretches, but it was a good start.

I knew I had to be careful and go slowly, so as not to aggravate the already inflamed nerves. When I did too much, the delicate nerves would cause pain again and I’d have to take a few days off. So, I learned to take my time, move gently and focus on perfect form.


Stop Lower Back Pain Naturally with Malin Method

Within a few weeks, I started to notice a substantial difference in my mobility. I could walk without pain and could sit for over an hour without having to lay down in agony, so I knew I was on the right track…

Once, I felt strong enough, I started ramping up the exercises and challenged myself to more mobile and powerful movements. If I felt lower back pain the next day, I knew it was too much and I had to back off again. I continued pushing myself slowly and over the month or so until I finally felt like I could start playing sports again.

There was no better feeling then finally walking back onto a basketball court and playing the sport I loved so much!! But, I also knew that just because I was finally pain free, that it did not mean my journey was over. I knew I had to continue to do rehab for my low back to protect it from future injury. It just became a part of my training routine…


Heal Low Back Pain with Malin Method

So, it was my own profound personal healing experience led me to create the Malin Method Systems. And I know that there are millions of other people with lower back pain and they suffer greatly. I am here to tell you that surgery does NOT need to be the only option. And you do NOT have to suffer with the pain any more.

First, talk with your doctor and see if rehab is a good option for you. Remember, in my case, I was completely laid up in bed, but I was still able to start doing specific stretches and exercises that got me on the road to recovery. So, most people are able to do a rehab program…

If rehab is an option, then please try my extremely safe and effective at home Low Back Program. It works fast to get you PAIN FREE. Just follow along with me through the step by step videos at home. You don’t need any equipment and it’s easy to do.

Cure Lower Back Pain Fast with Malin Method

I spent years refining this one of a kind program after using it with great success myself and with many others throughout the years. It is based on the latest research about the best rehab techniques and a powerful combination of the safest and most effective mobility work you will ever find.

So, if you have lower back pain and are looking for a great solution to get out of lower back pain, I hope you’ll give my Low Back Program a try… just use it for 30 days and see how much better you feel. I guarantee you will get great results or I’m happy to give your money back.