In my experience, the #1 reason for low back pain stems from problems in the hips. Basically, certain muscles get tight and others get weak. These imbalances cause a shift in how you move as well as your posture and can end up causing the vertebrae in the spine to condense and squeeze together. When the vertebrae are forced too close together, they can put a lot of pressure on the discs and delicate nerves, which causes low back pain.

Another thing we have seen is that when the muscles in the hips get too tight/weak and do not function properly as a shock absorber for running, jumping, etc., the smaller and weaker muscles in the low back take the brunt of that force. And it doesn’t take much force to cause trauma in the low back, which leads to pain. In that case, the low back pain may subside after a few weeks (since it’s not a structural issue in the low back), but every time you run or jump, it will cause the same low back pain to return. And that can be such a frustrating experience, because it forces you to give up doing things you love!

A lot of people ask about just resting and letting it try and heal over time. Although rest can be somewhat helpful, without properly rehabilitating the hips, there is a very high risk of continually re-injuring the low back or even worse, chronic low back pain that never goes away, even after years.


Unfortunately, out of desperation, most people turn to anti-inflammatories and epidural injections to help reduce pain. But, that only weakens the muscles in the back further and does nothing to address the problems in the hips. Yes, it can help with inflammation, but it does not address the root of the problem and that is why chronic low back pain is so prevalent. In other words, without fixing the hips, you will continue to be prone to low back injury and chronic low back pain for life.

Instead, we strongly recommend rehab, whenever possible, since this will protect the low back while also fixing the structural and fundamental problems that have caused the low back pain in the first place. The process is actually very inspiring, because as you learn about your body through the process, you will quickly see extremely beneficial results.

Think about your posture like this… imagine you have a bucket of water sitting on the top of your hips. Stand up straight and look at yourself in a mirror from the side. Does your butt tuck under or does it kind of stick out too far behind you? Would that bucket of water tip over from the front or the back. That gives you the first clue to where your hips are right now and the place you need to start to fix them.

Once, you understand your posture and where the hips are tight and weak, you can go about doing specific exercises and stretches, etc. that release and strengthen the muscles necessary to fix the fundamentals. From there, you can start doing more functional movement to incorporate more dynamic, everyday motion. This not only helps you learn how to move pain free, it also strengthens and stabilizes the low back to protect it from the daily wear and tear of life and sports.

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